• Mission

    HFI is dedicated to the education of health facility project professionals through a forum by which ideas and theories can be researched, developed, communicated and applied
  • History

    Founded in 1990 as a professional, non-profit (501c6) professional society now incorporated in Virginia, HFI nurtures integration of the many disciplines comprising a health facility project in a collegial environment and HFI furnishes world class educational programs
  • Program Management

    HFI’s core competencies for Project Management include Strategic Planning, Space Planning and Programming, Design, Equipment Planning, Equipment Acquisition, Construction Management, A-E Selection Process, Claims Adjudication Principles, Computer Principles and Applications and Transition Planning.
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Upcoming Events

The 29th Annual Symposium is Coming in April 2018!
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Individuals may request copies of HFI's approved exemption applications and our three most recent annual information returns. A reasonable charge of $1.00 for the first page and 15 cents for each additional page, plus actual postage costs will be required. (IRS Announcement 99-62)

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